A phone call is always better than a card.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Birthday Dialer?
Birthday is a fun site which allows you to call just about any phone number to send a birthday song and message. It's more fun and less costly than sending a birthday card. You simply choose which birthday song you prefer, type in your name, and press send. The recipient will hear the birthday greeting you chose and a short advertisement from or our sponsors. (Read below about how to eliminate the ad.)
Haha! Yeah right you think I'm going to give you my phone number?
At, the confidentiality and protection of customer information is one of our fundamental responsibilities. While information is critical to providing quality service, we recognize one of our most important assets is our customers' trust. Thus, the safekeeping of customer information is a priority at Your name and phone numbers are never stored and will not be shared. Ever. Your information is safe here.
Is it free?
It’s totally free to use! It will not cost the person receiving the call either, unless for some reason it costs money for them to receive a call, which is almost always not the case.
Wait it says I can pay, I thought you said it was free?!
It is completely free to use! Because each call costs us money, I have created a Birthday Token system to help alleviate cost. This also gives you more advanced features such as elimination of ads, call scheduling, adding your own personal message, circumvention of the 15 minute wait in between each call placed, setting the caller ID to your own phone number, unlimited international calling to any land line or mobile, and more great benefits!
How much does it cost to send an "ad free" birthday message?
Between 20 and 95 cents per call - Way less than a stale paper greeting card and postage.
What will they hear when I place a call?
Every greeting has a preview button which allows you to listen to the message or song before you send it out. Click the link to preview!
What if they don't pick up? Will it go to voicemail?
Once someone (or something) picks up the phone, the message starts to play. Some voicemail and answering machine systems can take quite some time before they actually start recording a message, and by that time your selected message may be done playing.
The best way to ensure your recipient will get the call is to schedule it when you know they will pick up, or better yet use a Birthday Token to set your phone number to show up on their caller ID, so they will know it's actually you calling!
What shows up on the caller ID?
For most users, they will see “Private”, “Unknown” or a fake number. If you use a Birthday Token, your phone number will show up!
Can I set my own Caller ID?
Yes you can! Because of Bills S.704 and HR251 on Caller ID spoofing, which have recently been passed by the Senate, I cannot allow you to put whatever number you want. When you purchase Birthday Tokens, and request to use your own phone number, I will personally verify the number is actually yours before enabling this feature for you. This acts as a legal contract between you and Birthday Dialer, ensuring all Caller ID messages are in fact coming from you.
Stop calling me!
I'm sorry if you have received an unwanted call from the site. This site is not an automatic dialer, thus cannot be blamed for unsolicited calls. Every call placed was originated by someone who knows your phone number. To help alleviate abuse, I have implemented a "DO NOT CALL" list that will prevent your number from being dialed by any site on the Dialer network, permanently.
I love this! What other sites do you operate?
  • - rings your misplaced cell phone allowing you to find it.
  • - a fun site which allows you to call a friend with a variety pranks, songs, and jokes.
  • - Get a free wake-up call each day with a unique message.
  • - Send a special call from Santa Clause himself this holiday season!
May I advertise on your site?
Of course! There are many advertising opportunities available such as banner, text, and in-call media ads. Please contact us to discuss and plan your advertising campaign.

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